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Frontier Fellowship Report

During the last month of 2017 I was a resident in Green River, Utah as a Frontier Fellow. During this residency I was inspired by the region’s history and became  interested creating a set of pictographs specifically for the town which meant revisiting this Smalls Stories Project I started in 2014. For years I have […]

Project Overview

Inspired by the news events of 2015 each week I created a pictographic symbol to corresponds with the stories that most affected me during the week. This website documents these symbols, with each form serving as a link to the related article. The process of creating these forms gave me opportunity to use graphic design as a way to understand global current […]

August 30–September 5

    This week I need to write more. My heart broke by the images and story of Aylan and Ghalib Kurdi who drowned off the coast of Turkey after the boat that they were fleeing on with their parents capsized. Their story is filled with such sadness. In an interview on the CBC radio Aylan’s […]