Frontier Fellowship Report

During the last month of 2017 I was a resident in Green River, Utah as a Frontier Fellow. During this residency I was inspired by the region’s history and became¬† interested creating a set of pictographs specifically for the town which meant revisiting this Smalls Stories Project I started in 2014. For years I have been inspired by Gerd Arntz social activism and creative work for ISOTyPE (International System Of TYpographic Picture Education) and it was with this project that I was able to apply the spirit of Arntz’s work to the topics and ideas of: land use, wilderness, and cooperative communities.¬† Small Stories was originally envisioned as a set of tools for design thinking workshops but has sense been expanded. The images in this set from Green River are mostly iconic, but hopefully they also get to the heart of everyday rural life for the residents. The complete set of images are free to those who live and work in the area.